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August 18, 2007



I think you're totally right, although it took me a few hours after reading this before it hit me while doing something else: While I was taking piano lessons, and I did so for a fairly long time, I always mentally compared it to a videogame. It made it more fun to do so and easier to stick to actually practicing, but more importantly that association came naturally, even if the presence in videogames may have helped form it. I distinctly remember wondering quite a lot about how one would make a game that would "fit" the music it was made for the same way that the skill involved with playing it fit the music. Ignore the fact that that's impossible except with rythm games, or at least a level would have to be custom-tailored to each song and it'd probably be too fast and linear--the important part is that I compared the act of learning to and then playing piano naturally, without prompting. There's no connection between blowing up aliens and making music, but there is a connection between getting good at something and getting good at something else.

Jay Kint

Mastery is a great book.

I think the "plateau" platitude was the biggest thing I took from the book, along with "learn to love the journey".

I've used that many a time to just enjoy learning a skill, even when I can't think of a valid use for it. However it has always come to pass that a use for the knowledge revealed itself eventually.

I don't know if this is the theory is true or not, but if it justifies to my wife letting me play more videogames with the kids, then it's good enough for me. :)

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