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August 30, 2007


Dan MacDonald

I'm not sure how your testing, but could you make your unit tests in a partial class (of the class you are testing) so that they are in a separate code file that you can leave out of the final build, but they have full access to all the internals of the class you are testing? (during development)

Andy Larder

You should look into friend assemblies in C#, which allow an assembly to give internal access to another assembly.


What you're looking for is the InternalsVisibleTo assembly level attribute. I generally have my assembly and then a seperate test assembly. I give my assembly an internalsvisibleto attribute identifiying my test assembly, this at least gives my test assembly access to internal methods such that you don't have to make things public you wouldn't normally expose...

On the other hand if you wanted to be crafty a bit of reflection would work too, if I recall the test framework in VS Team Suite provides this functionality for you.

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