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July 04, 2007



I love you too...

I might have to dig up my lego and give this a try... Will need to modify it to work with construction heroes, rather than medieval though.

Parents kept buying my tractors and trucks instead of swords and horses :(


I've never seen anything like this before, but I really like the idea! Since dismemberment plays such a prominent role (a little unfortunate, I think; but mindless violence can be fun on occasion) I think it'd be neat to make a zombie version of the game. I have the Zombies!!! boardgame, it might be simple to adapt to legos, using your rules as a base. I'm also very drawn to the idea of recreating X-Com: UFO Defense with legos. :)


as self-proclaimed president of Legoland (http://www.davidicus.com/blog/2006/10/17/title-to-come/) i welcome this. i've been itching to start a war with the Lincoln Log nation, but until now have had no rules to do so.


Seeing as most of my available lego is now Star Wars(TM) (all the castle stuff's in the loft) this could still work - Lightsabers and Blasters - and there were some spears in there too...

Jamie Fristrom

Playtested a second time - tried a new, sort of Heroclixy way (never played it, but browsed the rules online) for taking turns that didn't work as well. Took just an hour to play but, sadly, felt like a lot more.
Also, decided the dismemberment actually gets old after a while. Probably want another, weaker unit type, that dies on just one dismember.
Added some mounted combat rules (above) which led Cathy to her demise - she kept trying to get back on her horses and then getting knocked off.


Hey, interesting Brik changes (from browsing the original rules). You've tempted me to sorting out my old Lego and gathering a group for a deathmatch!

Nice Q&A too, but it doesn't answer if a ranged attacker on a horse gets 2 attack dice ;) (I assume nothing!) I also need to check the Brik rules, although simplifying the weapons is cool.

If I get back home I'll try this out in a few months, if I can make this post printable as a rules booklet and quicksheet all the better.


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