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June 30, 2007


chris busse

They did a high value Emperor's, it's called Kings and Things, and yet somehow, isn't as good as SftET.


You're not the only one who remembers SET. Check out the SET page at BoardGameGeek to see my variant rules for the game.

I have no idea how you're able to play an entire game of SET in under two hours. I've never been able to finish in under five.

Jamie Fristrom

Kings & Things is really quite different from SFET - though I haven't actually played it.

I can't seem to find *any* variant rules on boardgamegeek, excpet a few from Tom Wham himself.

Five hours? Weird - we typically only play two player, with none of the optional rules (except the "advanced scoring"). We play the "Best of Dragon" version. One thing that brought the playtime down from "around two hours" to "around one" was the rule about not returning discarded treasures to the treasure pool, but even before that the session length was manageable.


Jamie, go to http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/2919 and scroll down to the Files section. There's a PDF called "Optional Rules for SET v4."


hey--if you haven't played HeroScape, pick up a copy at Walmart.

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