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June 14, 2007


Brett Douville

Ditto on Dell -- I bought a Dell desktop almost three years ago along with a service plan. Recently one of the hard drives in my RAID started showing some problems -- although it took a little while with tech support (and a whole lot of time running a diagnostic) to sort it out, they ended up sending out a guy with a new motherboard and drive (just in case the problem was with the hard drive controller). He installed the parts, was in and out in around an hour.

Amit Batra

Even though there is no doubt that the quality of the notebook computers that Hewlett Packard manufactures is reasonably good (though not excellent), as a brand new Hewlett Packard customer I can say with confidence that the entire experience of trying to buy a Hewlett Packard notebook computer was terrible.

A pathetic website filled with obsolete and incorrect information, lack of models to choose from and customize, and a completely unresponsive Direct Sales team are some of the obstacles that I had to experience while buying a Hewlett Packard notebook computer.

To read the full story, please visit http://hpindia.blogspot.com/.

Cheap Computers

[...] Although, I didn't bring my iBook for him to sign, I bought those vintage Apple mouse pads and iWoz with me. [...]

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