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May 19, 2007



I'd been the same way. But now, finally, a game has replaced Puzzle Quest from my DS. It's Etrian Odyssey. If, like me, you grew up on the 80s RPGs and started with Bards Tale and Wizardry and the like, you'll likely enjoy this.

It's an old-school dungeon crawl with cartoonish graphics, but the neat thing is you get to draw your map on the DS with the stylus. That's either going to sound great to you, or painful.


That is hilarious Skip. I have also been addicted to puzzle quest and haven't seen anything coming close to matching it until I picked up Etrian Odyssey this weekend. It's a fantastic dungeon crawler, and I'm fairly sure that it had to be made by the same team that did the PS2 wizardry game since the menu scheme and gameflow are almost exactly the same.

I am starting to get over my PQ addiction now, but only because my level 38 wizard destroys anything that comes near him. In fact, that's one of my few complaints about the game, some abilities are just sickly overpowered. That and I really dislike that instead of forcing players to make valid moves, you can lose a turn and health just because you happened to not hit a gem perfectly with the stylus and end up making an invalid move, which just lets the CPU make that unbelievable 6 in a row 4 or 5 gem combo. It really is a brilliant game, but I am a fan of bejeweled games so I am a bit biased. :)

Stuart Roch

Good to hear more comments on Puzzle Quest. I was intrigued by the title after the guys over at Penny-Arcade seemed to develop an unhealty addiction to it. Going to try it out tonight for the first time.

Jason Booth

You should try Puzzle Pirates - it's has the same layered quality as Puzzle Quest, but with a much better framework and more varied experience. The only thing it lacks is the portability of working on a hand held - something I relish these days.


I've tried Puzzle Pirates a few times, but I find the game isn't as "tight" as Puzzle Quest. I was quite addicted to the Puzzle Quest demo on PC, but I've yet to find the actual game on retail shelves Anywhere.. Actually, not being able to find the game anywhere for purchase has seriously degraded my interest in actually playing the game again.

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