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April 09, 2007



i'm a firm believer in flexible, not wide open, hours. a lot of communication needs to be synchronous to be effective, so core hours are a good thing; but, requiring all humans to wake up and get hungry etc. the same as the boss is too restrictive. there is an element of responsibility to your colleagues, too. how many man-hours are wasted when meeting appointments are +/- up to an hour?

group of humans: organic. business: mechanical. there needs to be balance.


Infinity Ward and Neversoft are also two of the only Activision studios near affordable housing, so people don't have to fight against a brutal commute in order to get in on time.

Dimiter "malkia" Stanev


In the interview you are saying that the best game Treyarch ever did was Spider-man 2.

In fact it was NHL 2K3, and even NHL 2K2 beats Spider-man 2 in the game rankings score.

Kudos to the little frenchie-canadian that was behind the AI of that game, and to all other folks aswell on the team.

Paul Senzee

I've often wondered if it's even possible to have normal hours in the game industry. If Infinity Ward and Neversoft are able to pull it off and still make phenomenal games we need to figure out how they are doing it and how they avoid slipping back into 'the crunch'. There -must- be more to it than simply declaring 'we -only- work from 10 to 7'..

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