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March 12, 2007



How is the approval process going with Microsoft? A friend of mine started his own company several months ago, and he says Microsoft have been anything but helpful in getting them approved. Maybe he's simply referring to the huge number of TRC equivalents for Xbox Live Arcade? I have no idea..


keep us posted on what you think XNA's strong and weak points are, what you think of the cost of doing "casual" games...

Joel Martinez

yes, I second the request for info on your thoughts of XNA.

Emmanuel Deloget

Let me understand that - right now, only the Express edition of XNAGS is available. Does that mean that
1) you have a pre-version of XNAGS Pro?
2) you're using the EE right now, planing to switch to the Pro version when it'll be released?

Anyway, that would be one of the first commercial XNA game - so congrats ! ;)

(XNA is much hyped these day - I must admit that I often contribute to that by posting XNA-related news on gamedev.net but, hey, the platform seems so cool! (at least for indy and hobbyists developers)).

Gabby Dizon

Grats, Jamie! Ping me when it's done, I'll buy it on XBLA. Can't wait to see the finished version :)

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