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February 11, 2007


Chris Busse

My team right now is howling at the checkin procedures. It did have an "unnecessary" step of requiring an email approval before checking it. It was, in my mind, a purposeful slowing down so that people would do the right thing.

If you have 50 people on your team and they each only check-in twice a day, it only take 1 bad checkin in a 100 from one person to mean that your build is broken everyday.

Spending extra time to make sure you don't keep your team from being able to work is an automatic in all "large" team formats.


Nice post.

You can also train your keyboard typing skills on the words you usually write to make less typos.


I came across this from a link from another site so my comment may be way later than article. On the part of using tools that make you more efficient I recently bought a Logitech G15 because the macro keys appealed to the programmer side of me that does repetitive parts of code. It helped with some things, like when you have a bunch of long namespaces that you use commonly, but others it hindered performance trying to think how to use it.

I love "Typing of the Dead" I recently got my mom hooked on it when she asked me how she could improve her typing skills (point n peck). In the last month of playing it, she moved away from point n peck and more to typing. Me and my brother compete against each other in it normally, our shortest combined session was kinda funny, not one level lasted more than 3 minutes.

Typing speed I found wasn't as much related to hand dexterity (I'm also a guitarist so my dexterity could just be at it's optimum), but more so knowledge of spelling and grammar. As my spelling and grammar got better I found I can type a lot more words per hour even if the words per minute decreased from using bigger words. But also it trained my brain to find connections between words to get things across better, in the code terms, I learned how to combine different keywords in ways I never thought before from just normal vocabulary exercises. Which of course resulted in better performing code and more components (broad definition) that worked in a shorter period of time.

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