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January 31, 2007


Jay Kint

I had an almost opposite experience with Nintendo.

My brother works in retail and was able to procure us a Wii for Christmas. We opened it and played it for about 6 hours, when it just died in the evening. The next morning, I called Nintendo, and the guy on the line was friendly and started the entire process of sending out a label for us to send our machine in and get a replacement sent out. When I told him my address, he said "Hey, that's pretty close to our HQ in Redmond. You can go and pick a new one up there."

So, that's what we did. We went to Redmond and picked up a brand spanking new Wii, as well as an additional controller and they even threw in some styluses (styli?) for my son's older DS that they don't manufacture any more.


Boy do I hear you! Here's my own HP story:

I had a similar problem with HP and my printer. It goes like this - I buy an all in one printer online from HP. It arrives and I hook it up and it begins and stays in a permant jam. I use online HP support, (somewhat good english - I think he was in Malaysia) after I jump through a bunch of hoops, (he wasn’t allowed to skip one even if they didn’t aply) and I had to do things I had aleady done before he would send me a new printer. Someone then calls at 10 pm (he got the wrong time zone!) for my credit card which aparently he needs in case I decide to keep the broken printer. Annoyed at the lateness of the call, I tell him no. So the next day, I call back and get a lady in the Phillipines who was nice but I couldn’t understand real well. After fighting with her for awhile (and she finally checks with a supervisor) she says I can mail in the printer (at my cost) and then they will send me another one. Tired and I just want my printer, I agree. So I mail it in and after a few weeks get another printer, with the scanner glass shattered. I cried and then I was online with support again. After even more hoops (but not as much as the last one and I gave them my *&*^Y&^* credit card) I got another printer and they paid to mail the other one back. End of story? Not at all - this printer is not even new - its remanufactured. Plus I had sent all the cords, CD-ROMs and manuals back with the first one. So back I was again. They finally got those sent to me though I’m still waiting on the cords. Last September I bought a new printer from HP and now I ended up with a remanufactured one I can’t even use it yet because I don’t have the cord!!!!!!

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