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January 07, 2007


Peter Harkins

I think MP3.com's failure had more to do with the MPAA suing them and eventually taking $200 million.

Carl Pinder

As the original designer of Paranoia, Greg Costikyan will always occupy a special cockle in my heart of games. I fear, however, that he is trying to attack two parts of the problem with Manifesto Games. The first, a business venture and I wish him all the luck in that endeavor. The second seems to be a personal vendetta on the publishing model as a whole. While I think that this is a laudable goal, his vitriol detracts from his mission. The bravado with which he attacks the majors echoes too much the rants of Dave Perry of Shiny and John Romero of Ion Storm. Both of them thought they would take the world by storm and both became laughing stocks of the industry. I am not now, nor will I ever be John Romero's bitch.

Chris Busse

Glad to see you are alive after the poweroutage. These are your first couple posts since then. =)


Just found your blog, kind of purusing through.

Looking at the manifestogames site, I would say there are a few factors they could consider if they're going after the longtail.

For example, taking the amazon approach and encouraging and spurring on customer reviews or ratings. Then show those ratings in the aggregated mode (stars) when a user is just browsing the titles.

In addition, recommended games based off of previous purchases is always a plus. With the recent GGE site, one could even see if there is some sort of open API for GGE that would allow them to utilize that 'recommendation' functionality based off their gaming archive.

There are a number of other things that could also be done.

One last comment is their site coudl be more 'clean'. When I first hit their site, I was overwhelmed with content. There was text everywhere, no idea where I was supposed to start, what I was looking at, or for. No direction.

That's not to say that they don't do a number of things right, which they do.

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