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January 15, 2007



Scary to see your story and Gordon Meyer's story appear within days of each other:


Darius K.

Hah! Funny, that: I was just reading some of the HP stuff in "Built to Last" this morning. They really were a great company. The funny thing is that the point of "Built to Last" is that companies like HP can survive long after their visionary founders are gone. Not sure if that's quite holding up...

Jesse Chounard

Should you ever find yourself buying another prebuilt machine, I recommend ibuypower.com. The price was good, but the customer service was excellent.

I had a flaky stick of ram, and when I told customer service, they just had me ship it back, and sent me a new stick, no questions asked. They even sent me the new stick without waiting for the first to arrive. (On the understanding that they'd charge me for it if I didn't mail the first one back.)

I was quite happy with them.

Anders Linder

Wish i could say that i don't recognize the problem, but well... getting resonable support is a bitch.

Jamie Fristrom

Just found out that Dell bought Alienware, so no doubt Alienware's support will turn to crap soon also.


I spent several months attempting to get an HP Pocket PC fixed/returned/replaced with much aggravation. They are so incompetent that they sent MY unit to someone else, and HIS unit to me. Three times.

It took emailing the CEO (handy link on website) AND calling the corporate office and asking for the CEO (which got me to the highest escalation level. Scarily incompetent for that, too). Still took weeks, but I finally received a new unit.

I recommend going straight to that now.


This story reminds me why I've been such a big supporter of Apple/Mac products. Plug and play, baby! Plug and play. (ok, (pause) now pelt me with the "PC are better than Macs" tomatoes!)

Colm Mac

Yeah, I picked up a HP Laptop (compaq nx6325) and the thing works decently well most of the time. Except due to some conflict during windows startup, it can blue screen in the first five minutes. If it survives the first five minutes it stays up forever.

But I can tell you that it's unlikely I'll ever buy HP again. There tech support line actually closes at 5pm my local. Even though it is in Indian and they could quite easilly forward me to the Indian tech support on station for the US. Not that their tech support was a whole lot of use, but a company of HPs size with a global market should be able to maintain a 24hour telephone support.

But I don't think Hewlett or Packward would recognise HP as their company. HP of today is only the computer, printer and camera part of Hewlett-Packard. All the cool cutting edge stuff designed to make the world a better place, including the original instrument and measurement business, were spun off into Agilent Technologies.


I've never dealt with their tech support, but every time I foolishly bought something from HP, it's been crap. A laptop and more than one printer... After the laptop, the vow never to buy from them again was cemented.


man, i think i got the same computer or similar. my windows install was corrupt. i just went back to best buy and got it exchanged with a new one that works great.


Sorry about your experience because I know my experience with the HP Tech Support and Repair Centre was great and fast. My repair took 3 days and they fixed my issue and my computer is working like a charm. If have problems connecting through the phone in the future I would suggest using their Online Chat Technician feature link its alot faster than waiting on the phone because I hate to wait on the phone when calling companies unless I have no choice.

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