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September 25, 2006



I bet with some very basic SEO you'd have the #1 SERP in a week.

In fact.. I bet all you'd have to do is to change any mention of torpex in your posts to a link to torpexgames.com and also add it to your links list. That's it.

Since gamedevblog is PR6 it is probably crawled several times a week. It'd probably only take a week.. Even against wikipedia.


Criteria #5) Name should have an x in it. Trust me, people just love the letter x. Oh, I see your name already satisfies that :)

zachary j. gamedesigner

Go search for "game qa blog"...

...and that is why I ripped Jamie off and named it that way :)


The first things I think of are TORPOR and TAMPAX. Sorry, I don't really like it.


I agree with David. Even with the problem added that in Spanish for example, "Torpex" is really close to "Torpe" that means "Clumsy". I think is not a really well chosen name, regardless that Spanish coincidence. In any case it's just my opinion...


You are already #1 on Live's search for torpex. #2 on Yahoo though.

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