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July 10, 2006



Sounds like an interesting game. One thing I find confusing though:

"The game ends when someone uses their last tile and there are none left to refill, at which point the remaining players total up the points in their hand and add it to their score and subtract it from the goer-outer-firster's score."

From the sounds of it the "goer-outer-firster" is being penalised for going out first? Perhaps that is how it works in Scrabble as I must admit, I have played very few times in my lifetime. Either way I think it would be cool if the score left in your hand was subtracted from your own score and only if you wanted to be totally ruthless would it be added to the score of the "goer-outer-firster".


You're right, I reversed it. Will fix.

Zack Hiwiller

Get a job, Jamie.

Just kidding. I love the idea. I used to prototype out board games all the time. There was a particularly fun one I did in college that was a Chess/Stratego/Gipf hybrid with some randomness thrown in for spice. I should redo it in Flash or something.

I hope you post more of these. Board games are dying!

Gregory John

How about two "decks" of playing cards (in tile format) so you end up with 104 tiles - very close to the 100 tiles in Scrabble.
Then a point system for creating poker hands similar to poker solitaire. A two-tile "word" would be high card or a pair. A three-tile word would be high card, a pair, of a three-of-a-kind. &c. A six-tile word might be a five-tile word with an honor (AKQJ) or may even just an Ace. A seven-tile word would be a five-tile word with an honor pair. That would get you the "50-point" bonus.
All this played on a Scrabble board with double/triple word scores. I don't know how to handle the double/triple letter scores...

Word Friends Cheat

Nic, Am so happy to be an active member of GM. Whats keeping your book so long to be published? I want to read all your ideas as soon as possible. You have such a wonderful brain. thanks again for all and please keep posting.

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