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July 05, 2006


Jamie Fristrom

And to commemorate, I've tried to make my site look like Torpex's. Now I better get to work and start earning my keep.


Congratulations from a random subscriber! Exciting times.

Mode 7 Games


Kudos and congrats, sir! I hope things work out excellently. Anyone who can argue a point to it's logical end and still be good to work with is definitely a dream coworker.

Max Szlagor

Congrats on the announcement! I totally agree on the Torpex name. It didn't make sense to me at first and I'd like to hear the whole story, but the little I do know made me smile.

Gregory John

Here's to a great future for Torpex! It's certainly starting out with two top-notch fellows.

Carl Pinder

Torpex sounds a little too much like a feminine hygiene product for my tastes, but if Nintendo got away with Wii--I guess you're in good company.


Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what your next project is. I knew you couldn't stay a consultant for long :)


You two are certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with! I have no doubt that Torpex will one day achieve great success and be a future destination point to where all great designers will want to flock to. Cheers!


Best of lucks! Although the coolness of the name can't ring with me: it sounds very much like the spanish word for "clumsy"! My native language runs very deep under my skin for me to ignore that. ;)


congrats on the new job


'I worked with Bill Dugan on Spider-Man 2 and he's what Good To Great calls "The Level Five Leader." The gist of it is a Level Five Leader doesn't have a big ego; they don't need to take credit for everything; it doesn't have to be "their way or the highway" all the time; they listen to (and argue with) their trusted advisors and in the end do the right thing, quietly getting results.'

I can corroborate this statement from personal experience. Bill knows when to listen and makes the right calls. Knock 'em dead, you guys!


if i started a company i would sure as hell be working my ass off and wouldn't have time to make lengthly blog posts.

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