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July 26, 2006


Jeff Knecht

I've played a full round of golf about 3 times in my life. If I took 3 strokes to Tiger's 1, I bet I'd come out on top most of the time. But in programming, the game doesn't end when the programmer is done with the task. He still needs to integrate anything if necessary, add features in the future and fix any bugs that pop up. All code is a work in progress. And if you have someone with experience + intelligence (both in a gross amount), "30 times" does not even begin to describe the amount of time it saves.




Both these comments bring up the topic of experience: Jeff says it's essential, Joel says "hire an intern because the guys with experience are happy where they are."

In my own experience, an entry-level guy just out of college (or even just out of high school!) can kick as much ass as a vet. (Usually they're the guys who go above-and-beyond their course curriculum - they're involved in some kind of online development community somewhere, whether it's making mods or demos or contributing to Linux.)

That's why I didn't make any mention of necessary experience in the job post. If someone is good, we want to hire them, no matter what their experience level.


It's a lot harder to evaluate candidates without experience. But those hardcore GNU/Lunix guys are usually pretty good.

krassimir touevsky

Your posting is still far better than the one I saw for Pandemic on gamasutra.com last week: "Junior Programmer w/ Intermediate Brain?"

what a joke...


A side note, please, please change the lok of blog. Black background is a strict no-no. It would also be nice to tag all articles so that one can look at say all the malloc related stuff, rather than thingies about hiring interns.


Jamie don't listen to AnonymousCoward. White on black is totally stylish and will get you hot chicks.



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