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April 10, 2006



They have competitions? Oh, nuts. Don't tell my wife . . . she bred rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs because they have conformation shows and she likes to win. If she finds out scrapbooking has competitions, I'm doomed. No new computers, no accelerated mortgage payments--my money will be spent on scrapbooking supplies and I will personally bring the Michaels craft store chain out of bankruptcy.

Thankfully, she's playing City of Villains and EQ2, so I'm safe for a little while.

BTW, what I don't get, and this seems to really annoy scrapbookers when I ask, is why they don't do all the layout electronically (InDesign or QuarkXpress)? They've have really good font control, great image manipulation, and they'd never have to clutter the house with scrapbooking supplies. A couple DVDs could hold years of albums!


You were ahead of your time - my wife's starting to get into "digital scrapbooking" now...


I do my scrapbooking in albums, because my pictures are printed, that's basically what it boils down to for most scrappers (that, plus a lot of people like to include memorabilia such as tickets or programs and don't want to scan them). But digital scrapbooking IS taking off, with so many people having digital cameras.


Digital scrapbooking? Isn't that just web design?


Wait wait! Scratch that, I misread it... It's PhotoShop! :D

Dimiter Stanev

So far the only game my wife liked was Guitar Hero.

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