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February 22, 2006



I don't like the DS version because playing with other people sux. People
will mess up my flowers, layout, etc.

I prefer the big screen and tons of memory cards. I have full control over that. Plus DS version doesn't have NES games or hacking through Action Replay. Gamecube version has more furniture, smoother graphics - good framerate, store upto 96 patterns compared to 8 patterns only in DS, Gamecube doesn't need to be computer dependent on wifi or McDonald Dependent on wifi hotspotting.

Its life for only 20 bucks. Animal Crossing for Gamecube (Dobutsu No Mori)
is my favorite and only game for the Gamecube.

I plan to do an Animal Crossing for Gamecube Weekly Podcast targeted for the original users of Animal Crossing. Purpose I will cover are Game Reviews for Gamecube Animal Crossing, topics in the game (Gyroids, etc,),
Stuff on Project Hyrule, Action Replay usage, niche culture of Animal Crossing, and some KK songs.

Please email me if you want ideas. I still have to plan my shows and buy a cheap mic.

Gemini Ace

Go check out my podcast on the DS version of Animal Crossing. It's good stuff.

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