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February 04, 2006



Makes you wonder if other games could be more fun these days, huh?

Zack Hiwiller

If we could get away with having only one game mechanic like GH, then yes, we could make games more fun. But unless it has thirty bullet points on the back of the box it won't get green-lit. So you work with what you got.


I've heard you and others talk up Guitar Hero, but for some reason I just couldn't sell myself on it. Then I played it over at a pal's house late last week. It's now traveling through the mail system to my house as we speak. *sigh* I really need to save money. Ah well!

Jason Booth

You can make 30 bullet points up about any product. The problem is that as game genre's evolve, they become ridgedly defined in terms of expectations. This happens at every level, from the gamer to the publisher. If your making an RTS, you expect features A to M, regardless of if the game could be made better with less or different features.

The only real way out of this is to create new genre's, or re-define old ones in new ways. In many ways, this is what GH did. While Guitar Freaks is an obvious predicessor, GH isn't bound by the expectations of, say, DDR, Frequency, etc. The act of changing the controller redefines the experience enough to not have to compete on bullet points. The less 'Me Too' a product is, the less bullet points it needs to compete against other products.

Noel Llopis

I love guitar hero! (I'm still stuck on Bark at the Moon in hard though). Give me games that do one thing well over GTA any day.


I can't do hard. I just do not know what to do about that damn orange button. I know I'm supposed to move my hand, but that completely messes up my reference on the other buttons.

Joel Martinez

GH Rocks! I've beaten it on hard, but expert is currently kicking my arse. Gotta get those hammerons and pulloffs down instead of relying on star power to get me through the solos

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