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January 08, 2006


Liam Hislop

I hear ya! It WOULD be much easier if Randy Rhoads would play Bark at the Moon for me (Can't get by it on Expert yet). I tell ya, with the number of developers playing guitar hero, we need some kind of Guitar Hero battle royale at GDC or something ;)



It's true that a lot developpers are playing GH! Very popular on our team here. Our boss even got one for the office.

I'm stuck at Frankenstein at Hard... that solo is destroying me.

Damn. I have to go play now.

Damion Schubert

Odd. Those are exactly the two same games that are destroying my own blogging.

Game Producer

At least it's not World of Warcraft - that's a real time killer too :)


I've never played guitar hero, but I do play guitar. Is guitar hero significantly easy for guitar players? Does anyone know? It looks like an interesting game but I haven't played it yet. I'll probably have to pick it up either way.

Liam Hislop

I do know a couple people who play or have played guitar and guitar hero. Some are good, some aren't as good. I think that a person who plays guitar could pick this game up and enjoy it. Some parts are easier, but some of the solos are much, much harder... though I did just beat Bark at the Moon last night on Expert :)

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