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January 20, 2006


Brett Douville

Serenity now

Redneck Fan

Howdy All. It seems you have a bad attitude towards the game, seller and now manufacturer. I am a redneck The Earlier years game owner and it is great. Sure you only get the 1st 7 levels but it no demo that doesn't even work. Did you try returning the software to the seller? If you did communicate with him about this before or after leaving neg? I have found many sellers more than glad to help solve problems. Did you even try playing the game or did you give a glance got mad it wasn't what you thought it was and tossed it?
Anyways everybody else out there The early years were the best so go for them. Still a great classic and super fun and to all you rednecks out there no pun intended :)


No, I only have a bad attitude towards the seller and manufacturer.

The original Interplay-published game is genius and one can still find it on Amazon so I don't know why I picked up the relabeled one instead. I guess I fell into the "It's more expensive so it must be better" trap.

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