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December 22, 2005


zachary j gamedesigner

Whatever you do, don't buy this shitty intec set of accessories including ds game holders. They are the least well designed pieces of crap ever. Fortunately it was free with my mario kart ds at TRU.

zachary j gamedesigner

As was USM for the DS btw, surprisingly not shitty game.


They make DS game holders? I have one, and I call it a 'bag'. Works well for me. Don't know how many DS games you have, but as long as we're not talking tons your dig-time shouldn't be unbearable.


I'm with jeffool on this one - each device gets its own bag and I'm very strict on making sure that the fiddly bits (games/memory sticks) are either in the bag or in the device and never anywhere else.


Hey Jamie,

Forget those "DS game holders" that the game accessory companies sell. Go to Target, Fry's or Best Buy and look for their digital camera accessories. They sell these really nice little leather wallets for SD memory chips for traveling with a digital camera and they work perfectly for DS games.


I agree with StuntGibbon: game accessory companies are still miles behind what the digital camera industry is doing. Your best bet is to look for SM/SD card wallets. Photography stores are your best friend for this stuff, since they'll have the best selection of high capacity, secure cases.

Personally, I keep my DS games in the original game cases, and then only grab what I think I'm going to play on a particular trip... fewer games to keep track of.

Marc Majcher

I'm thinking of using the bathroom key solution for my various memory sticks and whatnot. Use the little lanyard attachment thing on the stick to attach it to something large and unlosable, like a big piece of wood, or a coffee mug, or a giant crescent wrench or something. Sure, it makes them a little less portable, but I won't lose them between the pages of a paperback in my bag any more...


The Boy -- who is six, remember -- keeps his assorted games and accessories in a hip sack. Hasn't lost one yet, which really amazes me, as I have . . .


I picked up a carrying case when I got my DS in Japan (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-b6-70-ot8.html) - looks like these are out of stock on most sites, but this one looks to be similar enough (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-b6-70-ewn.html). I actually really like the one I bought. Compact enough that you can toss it in a backpack or carry it around without much grief, and I have around 12 games stuffed in the velcro net pack inside, so I haven't lost one yet.

Game Producer

Memory sticks can be tied together with bunch of keys... that way whenever you have your keys with you - you have the mem stick with you. The only thing is that if you still keep losing the stick... you'll lose your keys as well :)

zachary j gamedesigner

I've now found that the slim altoids sour tins hold them very well.


I have a really embarrassing 'purse' for my GBA. Holds it all and all the games, everything's cool. They're not organized in pretty slots, but so what? I dig through them and get what I need. When I go on a trip, I grab the purse. I leave it quite thoroughly hidden in luggage until it's time for the inflight entertainment. Man, I want a DS.

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