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December 05, 2005



Yes, Trevor Chan is very good. And yes, his product doesn't sell that well at retail in the US. And yes, it's too hard to get into for people who think they never need to crack a manual.

And yes, I'd love to carry his product at Manifesto. But we'll see, I guess.


Funnily enough, I didn't read the manual to start with, and only played a couple of the tuts, but still found it very easy to get in to.

Occassionally I did have to check the manual to find out how to do a particular thing, but only after I was well hooked.

Horrendously addictive!

Steve Wartofsky

I worked closely with Trevor on Seven Kingdoms, way back when -- he's a brilliant, energetic designer, with a very clear sense of how to make a gripping game. His work has been terribly overlooked in this industry, primarily, I think, because he's never had the resources to really go whole hog on the graphics front. If he ever gets that, though.... watch out.

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