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December 06, 2005



You didn't paste the link correctly! Boo.

Evan Winkle

I assume this is the link he ment to post: http://www.projectaardvark.com/movie/

Evan Winkle


Colm Mac

Out of general interest, if you were to give a pile of books to newly hired Games Programmers what would be in it?

Colm Mac


If they were fresh new hires out of college who hadn't done professional game development before, I'd probably hand them Introduction to Game Development and Game Coding Complete, Second Edition. I wouldn't hand them a complete stack of Game Programming Gems and Graphics Gems because those are hella expensive, but I'd have them in the company library.


I got mine today too and I was also pretty disappointed. There was at *most* like 20 minutes of content. The rest was boring filler. 3 minute music montages with 2 minutes of dialog between them.

I think the only part I really enjoyed was the part with Paul Graham which was all of 5 minutes.


I enjoyed the movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Paul Graham (author of the awesome book Hackers and Painters) and Dan Bricklin (creator of Visacal.) There where also a few people from the Y Combinator. I expected a people film and that’s what I got. I didn’t expect the film to get technical. Joel is a clever marketer and a ‘serious’ documentary would not have been as good a marketing tool. I think the films message is that making something useful is not as risky as the establishment wants you to think it is. I would definitely be interested in a meatier film on the topic, especially if it focused on Paul Graham and what he’s doing these days with Y Combinator.

Chris Weiss

So what I got out of that post is that you really should sit down and write a book on software development. You're well read on other books on the topic, you're more than willing to teach the subject, you've got plenty of experience in the field, and you're actually already a published author.

I really can't think of a good reason for you not to :)

Darryl Wright

I had similar feelings. I posted a pretty negative review on my blog as well. http://www.darrylwright.com

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