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November 19, 2005



"(somebody oughtta give me a free copy of that one, yo)"
Many P2P users agree with you. :)


Free copy? Woah woah, what do you have against my little girl eating?


I've not played Mercenaries or Hulk (which is a travesty as he was always my favorite hero,) but I do suggest Chaos Theory. Plenty of good fun to be had there if you can find a game online or even have someone to coop with on the couch beside you. Half the fun is in the plotting. "Run around the corner and hide in the room, the second he turns the corner I'll sneak up from behind and grab'im!" Though I guess it always was one of those games that makes you feel crafty for figuring out the obvious.


Were there any porn stars mud wrestling this year between awards?

Damion Schubert

Guitar Hero is the only acceptable choice for game of the year. Period. All these other games should be happy to be in Guitar Hero's general vicinity.


Oh yeah, I haven't played Guitar Hero either.

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