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November 29, 2005



My wife and her cousins (of which there are several in our age range and they're a closely knit group) are OBSESSED with this game. They had one or two of the Avalon Hill copies bouncing around from cousin-to-cousin, getting war-weary, missing the occasional piece, box needed to be fixed with tape, etc.

I was the hero one Christmas when I got her a new copy. When Hasbro acquired (no pun intended) Avalon Hill circa 1998 as part of the Civilization pissing match, they decided to re-release some old AH games (they apparently still do this occasionally), so the game was re-released in 1999 and that's the one you have the image of.

The one onion in the ointment was that since this was a 1999 reissue, the chains have been changed from hotels to tech companies, which is sort of ironic and hilarious in hindsight.

I, too, suck at the game. I usually have to pair with one of her cousins and have them coach me, meaning that cousin gets to play twice really. And it takes forever to play the game and I don't really "get" it until the end. And then when we play again months later I've forgotten the rules.

Anyway, the 1999 reissue, which is out of print, is the last one until or unless Hasbro puts it out again. I'd say search Froogle or other small comic book/game stores online until you find one. When I got the copy for my wife (Xmas 2003) I went to the Yahoo Yellow Pages (today Google Local would also work), did a search for game stores, sorted by distance from my house, went down the line calling, then drove the 10-15 miles to the closest game store that said yes they have a copy. One of those good old Android's Dungeon and Comic Book stores with festive D&D matches transpiring in the back room.

So yeah I dare say you can get it online or in a B&M store if you want the 1999 reissue bad enough, just might have to do some legwork :)


Acquire was designed by Sid Sackson, one of the finest boardgame designers of the mid-20th century. He also designed Bazaar, another 3M title. More about him here: http://www.webnoir.com/bob/sackson.htm


My mom doesn't like playing games in general; the only one we can get her to play at family gatherings is Apples to Apples. I think she likes it because a) it's simple and b) there's no team pressure (i.e., no one is counting on her to do well).

Pictionary? Not interesting? nooooo. Especially if you make up the clues so you're drawing more complex phrases.



looks like there are some downloadable versions on this site


Checked out oilbaron - monkeyed with the rules a little too much. I'll try another. Sure would like an online version. Maybe a realtime online version! I'll add it to my list of things to do someday.

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