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November 03, 2005


Obi Busta Nobi

As a former Treyarchian and now an employee of EA, I can attest to some of the things you wrote about. I had to go through a lot of testing before being hired here. It was an intense interview process. When all was said and done, I really felt like I earned my spot here.

The management system described in the article is as close to perfect as you can get for now. I recommend people read it, especially if you're having to manage large groups. It has proven to me to be much better than anything Treyarch or Activision ever had, that's for sure. Sorry, not trying to bag on Treyarch (some of the best still work there), but I do realize now why EA is so far ahead of Actvision in so many things.

Glad to hear your EALA impression was favorable and that you saw some turnaround. EALA is "Talking the Talk." Now, who's listening?

M to the Vizzah

Jesus, you ladies are gonna get kicked off the cheerleading squad.


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