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October 12, 2005



"I had met Richard Garriott AKA Lord British before, at Computer Camp, while he was working on *Ultima 2*. It was the summer between 7th and 8th grade for me, I think. I took his class on developing graphical adventure games."

You are a lucky man. I was stuck in Georgia, possibly the worst place to grow up if you wanted to become a game developer, at that time.

I did manage to take a class from Mike McShaffry on game development while I was at Origin. That was groovy stuff.


Yeah, I really hate those moments like that. Where you feel like you're on the cusp of something, and then you feel that punch-in-the-gut feeling and know something just went really wrong.

Mark Nau

It's a shame all our lives turned out so terribly, terribly, wrong because of you.

Thanks, Jamie.

M to the Vizzah

Instead of Ultima we ended up doing Ultimate. What a gip!



"I'd just seen Abrash's Quake lecture at GDC where he told us the John Carmack rule was to Always Start Over."

Good thing you don't put stock in game development/design "rules" anymore, then!

Dan Olson

Now we know... Carmack worship has killed at least one project!

Carmack himself abandoned this rule, or id might have be in even worse shape today.

Mike McGraw

Wow, I weep for the game that could have been. Ultima Underworld was my fave, and co-op multiplayer would have rocked =(

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