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October 13, 2005



Whatever the opportunity is, I hope it gives you professional fulfillment. Good luck pal.


wow... good luck Jamie!


Intriguing! I wish you the best.

Oh, and knowing when to leave gracefully is an impressive bit of self awareness!


Hmmm... this wouldn't have anything to do with reading all those "starting your own business" type books would it? Ha ha! Good luck on your new challenges.


good luck! don't stop the blog

Eric Lulie

Wow, I hope things go well for you in your new prospects; it's looks like (to my untrained eyes) Treyarch is starting to pick up some fairly serious steam (they did Ultimate Spiderman, right?), so that must've taken at least some serious internal discussion on your part...

Anyway, best of luck...and oh yeah, what the previous poster said: don't stop the blog. :)


P.S. Out of curiosity, is this in any way related to Manifesto Games?


Good luck on your new project, Jamie!

I thought something was up, considering your recent MBA-type reading material.

Noel Llopis

Good luck! Not like it was completely unexpected given the books you've been reading lately :-)


On the Manifesto Games thing, no, no relation, just a coincidence.


Whoa! Good luck!

Damion Schubert

Congratulations! What, did you get tired of making Spiderman games? Good luck on wherever fortune lands you next.

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