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October 31, 2005



So by breaking down tasks into subtasks, you really mean breaking down Projects into Next Actions? Cleaning the garage might entail throwing away junk, sorting through the rest, putting up a shelf, and putting the boxes of stuff on the shelf. Cleaning the garage would be a Project and so can't be considered an actionable step. You can't do Projects. You do Next Actions. I don't think it is gaming the system at all.

Brett Douville

On Republic Commando the programmers did a quick daily report -- a quick list of things they did that day. It was mailed out to all the programmers; it helped managers keep tabs on where time was going (e.g. five hours of meetings? no wonder so-and-so's not productive) and it also alerted other programmers to potential sources of bugs. (Hrm, weapon firing in multiplayer just went fubar, and look, so-and-so was in there improving performance... could they be related?)

Anyway, point is, if it's something you wouldn't feel weird about putting in your daily, I'd say it counts.

Robert Anton Reese

There’s nothing more satisfying then having a list of things to do then, methodically ticking them off.

Brett Douville is right about alerting your colleagues about tasks done. At my work we have tied subversion into our bug track database so that when a fix is made a list of the updated files get posted as a comment for the bug. This makes figuring out what went wrong a lot easier.

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