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October 24, 2005



Fax Modem. I believe you can get them as the free toys in cereal packets nowadays.. :)


Not too long ago, I purchased a house out of state. I did all of the "faxing" of documents via email attachment of .pdf.

Print "fax" on printer. Sign documents. Scan document back into computer as .pdf. Email "fax" to recipient.

All perfectly legal and binding.

Tom Spilman

We've been using www.j2.com for fax service for over 3 years now. You might want to try it out.

Brent Michael Krupp

Costco sells some amazingly cheap combo printer/scanner/faxes. Maybe not cheap enough for what you need, but it's what comes to mind reading that account. It will be nice when faxes die off for real, though.

Chris Weiss

I gotta +1 Brent's comment. If you're planning on doing side consulting, you might as well invest in a fax machine/laserprinter combo. If you figure out what your time's worth and how much of it was wasted trying to send that thing off yesterday, you probably could have picked up a nice one.

Of course, the smugness of knowing you beat the system by working the numbers isn't nearly as satisfying as the thrill of victory by brute force :)

And you're screwed if you decide to dump your land line.

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