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September 18, 2005



Rest in peace, John.

Mr. Mechanical

He sounded like a guy who loved what he did for a living. I'm sorry to hear about his passing.


I think there was an earlier discussion almost philosophical in nature on this very blog about what would you do if? I guess John gave the answer to us all.

RIP hope he continues to play more immortal games beyond the pearly gates

Zack Hiwiller

Perhaps someone should post an update to his blog? There seems to be quite a few folks who watch in the comments section and who are wondering about when he is going to post next. I'm not going to do it because I didn't know the guy and overall I'm not even sure if it is a great idea.

This is really sad. A young guy at our studio passed away this week as well. :-( It really puts all your little aches and pains and nuisances into perspective.

Zack Hiwiller

I didnt notice the huge blurb at the top. Color me dumb. I do too much skipping.


zachary j. gamedesigner

Just got USM, playing around, liking it so far. Except for the ads.

obi busta nobi

Really sorry to hear this. I remember him too.

Scott Perry

I'd say people liked USM.

I just got fanboyed at a restaurant when a guy recognized my Ultimate Spidey shirt.

He said he couldn't get enough of the game, wanted to buy the shirt off my back.

Peter Lapets

John Hall is (was) a stranger to me.

I was looking at programming articles on the internet when I opened one of his pages; I thought it was very well-written and decided I would proceed to his homepage. What I found there shocked me to the core of my being. Enticed yet saddened by such a surprise, I proceeded to read his entire blog, and although I never knew him, I now know: he was a great guy. This hit me harder still because, due to some twisted irony, my friend's mother is also battling melanoma. Utmost condolences to everyone who knew him, and everyone who never did.

Rest in Peace, John Hall.

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