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July 16, 2005



Isn't Fire Emblem the game which saves after every turn?

Jamie Fristrom

Yes - meaning it saves the results of whatever mistake you just made over the last save game. Not the same as X-Com's save anywhere, not by a long shot.


But that's what makes Fire Emblem so charming! It's the interactive version of losing Aeris.

Jason Preston

This may seem a little bit off topic, but there's not contact info on your blog that I could find ;)

I've been setting up my own (well, collaborative) gaming blog recently, and in the process of it all I keep finding and adding new blogs to my newsreader...and I think the stuff you talk about here is neat because of the really different perspective it takes--you refer back to your psychology background (your last entry, for example) which is a bit of a hobby area of interest for me.

In any case--just wanted to point out that I like your blog, and I'll get around to adding you to my links when I get a little less lazy...


Ah yes. But I'm with Fran. I like it. For one thing, it lets me close the GBA whenever I want without having to worry about the last save. Second, it really forces me to think of the strategy as one complete action, not a series of mis-steps that I can easily recover.

For instance, chess gets might boring with unlimited "takebacks".

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