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July 21, 2005


zachary j gamedesigner

I don't see how midnight club 3 is representative of the games available for the PSP. At least not in loading times. In the action, yes, of course it is, this is a different experience. I also do not see how Lumines is a throwaway. I have not played it yet, but from what I understand it is one of the favorite titles for the system.


Ore no Ryori! The cooking game. It's weird how short the period of experimenting with dual analog was. The way they phased it in over the last half of the Playstation's life probably doomed it--by the time the PS2 came out and you could count on players having a Dual Shock everyone already knew what it was for.

Jim Rossignol

Jamie, I believe the NTi guy you're talking about is Matt Jones.



There is a word for it with mice PCs at least, and I'm betting you know it. Gestures. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouse_gesture I think the same word works here.

eelke folmer

Hi I saw your weblog being advertised as "the joel on software" but then about games. Do you also write about Software engineering issues of developing games?


It's really more of a gamedesignblog.com or maybe a gamereviewblog.com.

Not a Sony shill

That article you linked to left kind of a bad taste in my mouth. It seemed like he was complaining about the PSP mostly because he wanted to complain about something.

Sure, slow load times aren't great and the PSP doesn't have as many games as the DS, but the guy seemed more interested in whatever the console version of [i]ad hominem[/i] is to get his point across. This is of course quite ridiculous. The PSP is a nice consumer machine that has given developers some trouble as I understand it. It will catch up.

I have more specific complaints about the article but I'll keep them to myself for now. Let's just say that I think you probably could have said it better yourself, because I can't imagine it being said worse.

zachary j gamedesigner

I'm not sure who the above troll is, but it isn't I. Tom Chick is a GEANIUS. I'm wearing my Tom Chick t-shirt right now. I have subscribed to his newsletter and will be submitting all of his stories to slashdot.

Derek Smart

I'm Derek Smart and I approved this message.
(btw Jamie update plz kthx)

Derek Smart

PS anybody got any ideas for my next game? I was thinking it would continue to have wildly innovative interface management. I mean, pie menus, aren't they the cool new thing?


By the way, I think the name of the cooking game is Ore no Ryouri. Just in case you were curious.


I believe that PSP is the best portability system that exists because of its functionality. Everybody thinks the wieght and the size matters. But what I want to say is that this doesn't rally matter because you wouldn't actually play these games outside the house. I mean how many of you actally seen a person play PSP outside. I haven't. Another things I want say that people these days are obsessed with putting their gadgets in their pocket for some reason. I don't know why u o this for. Have u heard this thing called bags that u carry with. I mean u look pretty stupid if u put stuff into your pockets. This is out of date. Today we are living in the world called 21st century. You look like peole who can't afford bags.

DS = 3.5 star PSP= 4.9 star out of 5 . (obiusly if it was 5, it means it is perfect)

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