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July 02, 2005



A comment on the character on rails bit, yes they dont really break any ground, but they do offer a valuable twitch element which can be equally entertaining if exectued correctly.

I wouldnt want to play rail shooters exclusively, but every once in a while they are an enjoyable distraction.

I would hold your comments to be true for games like RPGS, where you come to expect a certain amount of freedom, but dont dis the entire game genre for having elements of itself being applied in crappy ways.


In addition to the story potentially losing some power, it can also make the player a content creator, rather than a content consumer. Which can be a wholly different feeling, and can be good or bad depending on your mood or tastes.


My wife and I might very well leave our little 8 mo. old with a sitter for the first time to see Batman Begins.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up and we thought it'd be nice to leave Hannah with a sitter. We're debating all the things we could do in the precious 3 hours we'll have togther :)

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