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June 20, 2005



Spot on.
The bowser levels were hilarious.
This is the only RPG I've ever put any time into and completed, yet for some reason I don't feel the need to seek out any more, because I just know they won't be as enjoyable as Paper Mario. Well, maybe I'll look for the N64 version at some point.

Rob Drimmie

Playing the N64 version after the GameCube version will probably lead to disappointment. I really liked the N64 version, but the GameCube one has a number of subtle gameplay improvements that will be frustrating not to have.

Stuart Roch

I really enjoyed this one too. I'm not even an RPG fan but this one ranked up there for me as one of the best games of 2004. Highly recommended.


Spot on. This is the only game I bought in the last year that I've been tempted to finish.


I agree as well.
My girlfriend and I played PM all the way through in tandem and were very rarely bored, even if we weren't the one at the controls. Flurry's blow ability also acknowledges the fact that the gameworld knows it's in a game, like the battle sequences, and it all works beautifully. It is indeed a fine game.


Oh, wow. I shouldn't have read that spoiler, I think I just started the chapter it's going to happen in. But that is awesome, and it's just so typical of this game - very clever and funny. Need to finish it.


I think I miss out on an entire genre of games for not having Nintendo devices I should remedy that in the near future.

BTW the last spoiler part sounds very much like something that happens in Kingdom hearts, this is a spoiler too so read ahead if you dont mind it or are not planning to play Kingdom hearts. The main character Sora is taken over by the evil dark shadow Sora and you become black (instead of purple) and your companions Goofy and Donald fight you without realising its you...this sounds very very similar to me

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