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June 09, 2005



No way!!! They have Karateka!!!

I was the only girl in the family that liked playing games, but my family couldn't afford to buy them just for me (if my sister couldn't share, then it didn't get bought). My entire childhood was spent playing Kaboom and Berzerk on my 2600 that I got as a hand-me-down from a wealthy cousin.

That same wealthy cousin had an AppleII, and at every family gathering, we would play Karateka. That is... when all of my cousins (all boys and all older than me) weren't taking turns beating me up. Ah boys. No wonder I'm in this industry and haven't had a pedicure in three years.

Thanks for the flashback Jamie! Good times.


The Oregon Trail and Alice in Wonderland! W00t!

Oh wait. It requires ActiveX to play in the browser. At least they provide the disks, but I don't remember needing more than one disk to play either game...I had an Apple II c+.

nat loh

awesome! i scored a 6393 in oregon trail. i am an official trail master. i did not find lake o'dell however. another classic. must try karateka now...


Oh man... That Osprey... Grrr.


Ah, the original version of Ultima III. Brings a tear to the eye, you know? (Although I always did prefer the Commodore version...better graphics, and music!)


oh my god..california games...


i guess i found what i'm doing this weekend:)


Great find . . . except for the part where it has taken over the house. : )


Holy crap the Free Tools Association... that brings back memories of my IIgs User Group days. Man. Thanks for this link.

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