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June 12, 2005



Civ 2 is the worst of the bunch. Worse than Civ CTP even! It's either Civ 1 or Civ3.


Actually I've always wanted the power to erase my memory of really good games (and movies), so that I could experience them all over again. :(


For longevity:
1) A civ game
2) Imperialism 1 or 2
3) MoO 1 (all the others suck)
4) A tetris game

Nathan McKenzie


1) Tetris Attack / Pokemon Puzzle League - I don't think I'm capable of playing this game too much. The mighty overlord of all puzzle games, I claim.
2) Diablo 2
3) Heroes of Might and Magic 3
4) Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - (Desert Island == Enough time to finally learn how to parry EVERYTHING)
5) Maybe Disgaea - even though I haven't played it, I love turn-based strategy, and I've heard that this really caters to the OCD crowd.


1) Heroes of Might & Magic 3
2) Tie Fighter (I love just flying around on the best space "sim," ever!)
3) Zuma Deluxe (great brain-on-neutral time killer)
4) Baldur's Gate (but only if I can bring all the expansion packs. Big world to explore & lots of pary combinations to play with)
5) Roller Coaster Tycoon

Adam Vandenberg

* Bookworm
* Tempest (Arcade, or possibly Tempest 2000 for the Jag)
* Diablo 2 (+LoD)
* Magic Drop (not sure which version, I'd have to Mame it up to be sure)

I'm tempted to put Katamari Damacy as #5, except it's a bit too short, so I'll hold off to see how the sequel is.

So instead... hmm... maybe:
* NetHack


Does this desert island have broadband?

Because I think i'd just bring World of Warcraft, so I could communicate with the outside world.. have them send a boat... and get back to my hundreds of games instead of just five.


Of course my list is assuming I can edit some of the games.

1. Tetris (Whichever version had Hava Nagila. Tengen's?)
2. Civilization 3
3. Half Life 2
4. Morrowind

And five? Hmm. Katamari was too short... Spidey, The Sims, and Tony Hawk 4 do have long replayability... (And thankfully TH4 had the 'realistic' cheat.) Baldur's Gate was indeed 'the deal'... No, I need something different. So...

5. Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005

Maybe on a deserted island I can get sufficient work done on something.

Troy Gilbert

Desert Island Games (in no specific order):
- Burnout3
- Civ3
- SimCity4
- Tetris (original GameBoy version is fine)

Games I want to remember:
- Day of the Tentacle
- Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis
- Tie Fighter
- Starcraft

Kevin Mandeville

Good question. I haven't played many offline games as of late, but here's my list of my favorite single-player games:

1) Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
2) Tony Hawk Underground 2
3) Baldur's Gate 2
4) Morrowwind
5) Rome: Total War

I posed a similar question on my blog asking what everyone's favorite game of all time would be. It's an older post, but check it out and give your opinion of the best game of all time!


Bring along with me:
1) Freecell
2) X-COM: UFO Defense
4) UT2kx (for some serious modding time)
5) Ultima... 7. Wait. Better yet, Exult. That way I'd have some source to play with.

Always remember:
1) Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
2) System Shock
3) Sanitarium
4) ...
5) ...

Hm. Those require more thought.

Troy Goodfellow

With no internet connection, NWN is dead to me.

1. Europa Universalis II
2. Rome: Total War
3. OOTP Baseball
4. Combat Mission (B2B)
5. Civ 3

Shawn Oster

Because so many "bests" tend to be our firsts:

1. GTA: Vice City
2. Zork I
3. Tony Hawk Pro Skater (yes the first one)
4. Wizardry
5. Soul Caliber

Adam Vandenberg

I'd consider taking Zork, maybe, if I could also have Inform.


GT4 (w/Force Feedback wheel setup and pedals)
Fully expanded Sims (maybe 2, but I haven't played it, yet)

Remember forever:
Ultima III
Zelda I
Civilization I
Die by the Sword
Thief I

Robert 'Groby' Blum

Take with me:

None, really. There's not a single game that has a single player experience that wouldn't drive me loco within a week on that island.

Remember forever:

1. Shadow Warrior (You're not half the man you used to be!) (Many great multiplayer memories)
2. Age of Mythology - the first RTS that was fun to play (because I found a great group of people)
3. Unreal - memories of the best team EVER!
4. Counterstrike - 6 months of online "research".
5. Burnin' Rubber on the C64 - the music was just fun. Bach rocks.


If your memory was going to be erased of all games except 5, wouldn't you want the memories of all the good games erased so you could enjoy them for the first time all over again?

I'd love to forget Monkey Island 3 but seeing as I've played it completely through four times that may prove difficult. Forgetting The Longest Journey would also be fantastic since that was probably the most enjoyable gaming experience I've ever had.

And no, I'm not a huge adventure game fanatic, I just really really like those two (and Grim Fandango and.. Okay maybe I like adventure games).

Neverwinter Nights
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

... And by the time I'd done everything there is to do with those three games I'd have gone completely insane from seclusion and gaming probably wouldn't be a top priority.


Maybe a better strategy is to bring a bunch of crappy games, so your focus is on building a means to get off the island.

1. Superman 64
2. Catwoman
3. Monster Garage
4. Night Trap
5. Shenmue


For the desert island:

1. Ratchet & Clank 2
2. Diablo for PS1
3. Civ 2
4. Zuma
5. Spider-Man 2

Best gaming memories:

1. Wonder Boy III for Sega Master System
2. Bushido Blade for PS1
3. The Mark of Kri
4. Phantasy Star for Sega Master System
5. Soul Caliber for Dreamcast

Adam Vandenberg

"If your memory was going to be erased of all games except 5, wouldn't you want the memories of all the good games erased so you could enjoy them for the first time all over again?"

Nah, now that I'm older I probably don't have the patience to play through various good games again (like, say, Wasteland.)


Oooh, Bushido Blade for PS1! Talk about a great fighting game. So, here's my top five to keep the memory of, since I forgot to do that, in no order.

GTA3 (C'mon.)
Grim Fandango (Talk about creativity. That game had character.)
Bushido Blade (That huge level, one on one? Great stuff.)
Shenmue (Bah to you StuntGibbon! ;) I enjoyed it.)
Final Fantasy 3 (US) (While I remember thinking of FF2 as the first narrative-heavy game to pull off the 'epic' feel, this one pulled it off magnitudes better.)

Soren Johnson

1) Pirates
2) Seven Cities of Gold
3) Faery Tale Adventure
4) Fallout
5) Legacy of the Ancients

and if there WERE other people but still just one computer: M.U.L.E.

Trevor Gowe

2.Age Of Empire
3.God of War
5.Pac Man

1.Blades of Steel
2.Hero's Quest
4.BC's Quest for Tires

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