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May 31, 2005


zachary j gamedesigner

This reminds me of the USB memory stick I got for my ps2. It has a little switch like a floppy that lets you enable-disable writes. Unfortunately it also comes with that setting on. I didn't even notice it, and just stuck it in...The software that came with it seemed nice, except when you transfer to it with the lock on it doesn't tell you that the files weren't written, it just seems happy and lets you go about deleting the files off your regular memory card. So that was how I lost about 70% of my save games to a shitty product.


I think this is not a problem with just products related to the games industry devices. I have a modest Motorola V300 for a phone has all features suppose to be able to sync with outlook, manage appointments etc. not that I require something fancy. So what do i do go and get the software and the cable that will allow me to do it. Which again I am not particulary happy if a person is buying the device at least give the software for it bundled with it I can agree paying for the cable but hey maybe thats just stingy me getting into some profits of Motorola. So what happens after I spent 40 bucks on the thing nothing zilch I cant even trasfer my photos using that damn software my phone does not even get recognized...and I am stuck answering questions with tech support over and over again like I dont have better use for my time and money


Hey, same thing happened to me. How can they mess up a USB cable?! Unbelievable. And nice banner; I feel like I'm definitely "taken care of" when the javascript doesn't run right and the php script won't accept a complaint! Not happy.



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