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May 13, 2005


Lama Himself

you already got my resume ;)

PS : nice ad, I love this one ^^


That commercial is seriously the funniest thing I'll see all week. And I watch Scrubs.


YES! I'm so glad you found this. I saw this ad on G4tv and starting rolling on the floor.

Good luck finding your designer. I'd recommend a few folk, but they all seem happy in Canada and Texas.

If you're going to E3, I'll see you there. Any particular night events you're attending?

zachary j gamedesigner

Be a ...beacon?

Robert 'Groby' Blum

I'd apply, but I've got to tighten up some graphics ;)

This is one of the funniest commercials ever - even if completely unintentional.


My english is not quite good. Can somebody post the dialog? I cant get some parts.


Posted by: Josh
"That commercial is seriously the funniest thing I'll see all week. And I watch Scrubs."

*sigh* Hooch is crazy.



The last Westwood commercial was horrible but this one tops the cake. Westwood (the Anaheim campus at least) is not a bad school and the program director there does everything in his power to combat the messages put out by ads like that. The whole staff does. It has just become an obvious fact that the corp office has no idea how to market for enrollment regarding that kind of thing.


I found your name on a google search. I was just playing my favorite game of all time, Bloodstone, andwas wondering if you have any information at all about game play. I have finished it a few times, and got some strange equipment by playing with a hex editor. The game seems to be abandonware now.
Any interesting facts or places in the game would be great.


Jamie Fristrom


You probably know more about the game than I can possibly remember. Especially since I just did the coding and Tony Osterman (rest in peace - he's the one who inspired me to write www.dionysusloggedout.com) did most of the content.

I will tell you one thing: you could pass in a command line parameter and it would give you a different title screen, something along the lines of "Magic Candle IV: a tragic dwarven tale-type thingy" with stick-figure programmer art. But I forget what the parameter was.

Which reminds me of a story: Dr. Pete Akemann's first job in software was programming a thing called "Closet Mate" which was supposed to be a software tool for organizing your closet. This was for the Apple II, I think, or something. He worked on it for a while, they never finished, the company went under, and they stiffed him. His second job in software was programming a spreadsheet that was supposed to compete with Lotus 1-2-3. His friends jokingly called this spreadsheet "Closet Mate II". Again, the company went under and they stiffed him. I forget what "Closet Mate III" was, but same story: piece of software (maybe it was a game this time?), company went under, stiffed. So, during the development of Die By The Sword, I couldn't help but go in and change the title screen one day to read "Closet Mate IV". Apparently changing title screens is something I'm wont to do. He didn't really appreciate the joke. Maybe things with Interplay weren't all that good right then.

Glad you liked Bloodstone, though! Maybe I should go back and play it again one of these days.

Zack Hiwiller

I'm on dialup right now, so I can't download the file, but I bet you are talking about what I ranted about a few weeks ago. (http://thehallways.blogspot.com/2005/04/now-you-can-major-in-broken-dreams.html)

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