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April 12, 2005



Have you ever cut caffeine out of your diet? It's hell man.

But on Halo 2, the story is nice. My first play throught it I put it on easy and ran through every level only stopping when Cortana or the likes would chime in with something interesting to say. Other than that, I was gone. It probably helps that I didn't hate the ending. The real beauty of the game in my opinion (like everyone elses,) is multiplayer and the wonderful level design of most of the multiplayer maps.


Oh, and for the record, you'll never forgive yourself for not naming this post "28 Days Later..."


Life without caffeine is bliss!!!
Have no caffeine in my system for the last 9 years and love it that way. But I will never be able to go without games for more than a week...have never taken the extreme step of giving them up...

Kudos jamie for lasting 28 days...


Be careful what you wish for in that last paragraph.

I'm sure Lieberman and crew would like nothing more than to set video games as a Schedule I type substance.

"Hey mom, I'm in jail...They caught me with a bag full of games"


"Hey mom, I'm in jail...They caught me with a bag full of games"

** snicker **

A friend of ours was recently arrested for suspicion of dealing questionable things for wearing a baby blue fake fur hat with a tie-dyed t-shirt. The primary evidence was his Gameboy, identified by a clever officer as "scales." He -- and the other officer present -- quietly and politely allowed the officer to rant, rave and place the Gameboy in an evidence bag before telling him what it really was. The other officer also reminded him that this was his arrest, and he was not allowed to open a sealed evidence bag. I suspect our friend will get off . . .

I tell everybody -- Halo 2. Even if The Boy didn't come back to it constantly I would think it was a wonderful game.

And Stranger -- yes it might be the most mainstream thing that they have done. One of the few cases where going mainstream is a good thing because it is the best thing they have done. We haven't finished it -- The Boy was distracted by Battlefront and Republic Commando, and my turn on the Box never seems to arrive . . .


I was interested to hear what your assessment of your little experiment would be. I personally would view it as a kind of fasting; an opportunity to cleanse the mind instead of the body. I can't say that I'm surprised that you feasted at the end of the month. It's a little funny, but I think it's cool that you tried. When you earlier descibed it as deprivation, I could tell a bit what your relationship with video games was like. I believe that no substance is truly addictive. Things like video games or caffeine cause chemical reactions in our bodies, and a stimulus in our brains. If we stop using them, we may go through withdrawl symptoms, but that doesn't mean we have to keep using them. It is our thought processes that cause the addiction, for our belief that the substances have control over us is false. I sometimes choose to get very involved with video games, and sometimes I go for a long while without playing them. It's good to remember that we have that power of choice always.


Well, aren't you just Mr. Mind Over Matter.

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