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April 11, 2005


Daniel Albinsson

Hold the reset button for a sec.

Adam V.

Same as the old one!

Though I'll admit to not figuring out the "hold in the button" thing for a loong time, and I still don't like it.


That reminds me of the time about 10 years old when my housemate John called me and asked me to look up something on his Mac. I spent 20 minutes trying to turn that thing on, before finally figuring out the power button was on the keyboard. Ugh.


Reminds me of the first time I got a computer that didn't have a seperate power and reset button. The first time I actually crawled under the desk to unplug it. The next day I swallowed my pride and asked.


As Daniel said, hold the power button for a moment. Same as the PS2 (which I also didn't know for the first 2 years I owned it and kept using the switch on the back)

Sören Höglund

"But, it turns out, first you should kill a lot of rats."

Ugh. RPG designers that have you killing rats without making it an obvious gag or making them into an actual threat a la Torment should be summarily executed.

Sören Höglund

Whee for misplaced post comedy action.

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