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April 08, 2005


Paul Herzberg

The Guardian has 10 good examples (though they seem to mostly be by the people who picked them or their friends, but still...)



And via the Video Game Ombudsman (http://vgombud.blogspot.com/ ) I remember reading a look back in the past year of New Game Journalism by the guy who coined the phrase. Here it is: http://gillen.blogspot.com/2005_03_01_gillen_archive.html#111158640502988507


Mentioning that some kids Dad had something (probably bad) happened to him in Iraq for unique hits is the most morally disurbing thing I've seen all day.

Zack Hiwiller


Chris Weiss

Obviously, Zachary was reading the secret code message embedded in your post. If you read the first letter on every line, you end up with "SS Spiito iot ftons gb", which literally translates into "This kid's dad had something bad happen to him in Iraq".


What jamie linked to, the last couple lines of which I was talking about being terrible:

"I'm hoping Lisa will think it's another girl on the other line. It sort of is. It's Donny's mom. He has to come home because she just got the call about what happened to his brother -- her son -- in Iraq."

Jamie Fristrom

You need to keep reading. There's a "Next" button - that isn't the last line. It gets better.


Duh, I missed the tiny next link. Great, I get to read about some kid's personal life, how much the author wishes he didn't break up with some chick. The kid is pretty funny though:

"It's okay, 'Jesus' isn't a cuss word since we're Methodists."

But man, that kid is being exploited for hits. He might think it is cool or whatever, but seriously, his brothers arms got burned up and that has what to do with games?

I don't care if people think games are helping recruit people. It is as relevent to games as if I started talking about my cat in the middle of a game review,

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