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March 11, 2005


Val Vanderschaegen

I was hoping to make it this year, I'm a first year student at Digipen(blah) and they tell you it's a waste of time for first year students. However I would imagine that mingling with people actually in the industry early on would be a good step to getting employed(not to mention the seminars and such).


Having been to a "gaming school" myself I really would've loved to have gone. Having went to my first ComiCon recently I can only imagine what a rush I would get off of being around such like minded people. (Suprisingly, there aren't many people who take video games seriously in South Georgia.) Unfortunately I wasn't able to get enough money together in time. Though, speaking of money, Jamie, email me when you get a minute.


I'm getting sick of Costikyan. I think he's just pining for the old days when everything designers did was innovative because so little had been done before. Innovation will still happen, but at a much slower rate. Fortunately, the purpose of game development is not to innovate. The purpose of game development is to MAKE FUN GAMES. Jamie, Spider-Man 2 was more fun than anything I've played by Costikyan in years; in the end, that is what is important. You continue kicking ass and just ignore Costikyan's guilt trip.

Lama himself

Oh my God ! Eric Chahi was there ? I can't believe I miss him. Did he talk about his return in the industry ?


I couldn't go to GDC this year, sadly, but I was there last year. In terms of pure learning, GDC is indeed not worth it. If you're a designer, you can spend 40$ and buy yourself books like "A whack on the side of the head" or "The art of innovation" that will teach you more useful stuff than GDC will (if you're a producer you get yourself "Peopleware", if you're a programmer "Code Complete", you get my drift). The useful thing about GDC isn't really the sessions themselves -- you really can't learn much in 1 hour sessions -- it's meeting new people and getting inspiration. This is why GDC is great and why it's worth the entry price.

Rob Stevens

GDC is _never_ a waste of time in an industry that is so heavy into networking. This industry is all about who you know, and I'm embarrassed to say that I really didn't get that in my first few years, which is why I'm now playing catch up a bit and relying on the relationships that I'm rebuilding now.

As for the cost, it is ridiculously expensive. Everyone needs to do a sort of primitive "cost/benefit analysis" and decide if you have the moxie to mingle and meet people, get business cards, schmooze, and generally make as much contact as possible to maximize the return on investment. It also helps to have a friend who knows people to jump-start the process.

Val ... how do you like Digipen so far? I've heard from others that it doesn't really prepare you too well, compared to traditional education, that you ramp up quickly, but peak early Do you feel like you're getting your money's worth?

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