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March 18, 2005


Rob Stevens

With my school schedule (20+ credits per quarter for the past two years), I have very little time to play games. I can hardly remember the last game I finished ... it was probably The Wind Waker, though. It doesn't help that as much as I love games, I'm really not that good at them. DDR is still a staple, though. Spent $300 on a CobaltFlux for DDR and haven't looked back. :)

Mr. Falcon

Man, only 20 credits per semester? Most games in the arcade take at least 2 credits per game. That's only 10 games per... oh, you're talking about your classes! :)

But yeah, last year I remember playing PoP, Indiana Jones and LoK:Defiance at the same time and just being in 3rd Person heaven. Last night I just finished Robots, for Chrissake. That's how desperate I am.

That Lego Star Wars game looks surprisingly cool though. Oh sorry, I shouldn't be tempting you!


I went through the same thing you did. I used to play quake 3 for about 8 hours a day, and then I got addicted to Lineage for awhile. I have dabbled in a little game development in my spare time, but I have been "clean" for over a year now. And believe me, its changed my life. Giving up video games is worth it.

Jamie Fristrom

Well, hey, I'm not giving up completely. That would be hypocritcal. To quote Trainspotting, "Ye hud tae go a wee bit further up the ladder before ye found a dealer whae didnae use."

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