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February 16, 2005


Billy Zelsnack

:Seems like I like everything, doesn't it? Maybe I need to refine my tastes.

I have such a bad attitude about everything else, but with games I often hear myself say..

It's really not as bad as everyone says. This, this, this, and this are good!

Here's my quite embarassing list of unfinished games that I want to finish (just from last year).. Doom3 (1/3), GTA3:SA (1/4), Halo2 (3/4), and HL2 (1/3).

Obi Busta Nobi

If you're playing "Batman: Vengence," then you should also try playing the new "The Incredibles" game by THQ. Their similair. It's not great, but it's very good at capturing the mood and feel of the movie from which the concepts came from. It's probably a "B - B+" game. I could do a whole review here, but I would be more interested if anyone who played any of the Spider-Man games and that played The Incredibles saw a HUGE similarity in combat moves (and animations?). Is it because some of this sort of stuff is generic, or is there a close similarity? Or, is it because all super heroes move the same?

Lots of times we play each others games and I'm sure on a subconscience level we "borrow" from one another. And, it might just be me. But the more I play superhero games the more I notice this subtlety.

I need to finish Knights of the Old Republic. Just got it for the PC (1/3). Sheesh! It can be long! :o) Great voice over and cutscenes though. I'm hoping to finish it and jump right into the sequel.

I also just picked up the latest Rachet and Klank game.


As an indie, it just KILLS me whenever I see things like this. Overwhelming evidence of just how deep deep underground we really are. Wik is one of the biggest indie games of the past year (I don't really like it myself, but it's very popular). And here's someone who isn't in the mainstream, but rather a part of a gamer subculture, who had never heard of it until it showed up on Gamasutra. That's not a jab at Jamie at all, but a really depressing image when the 'biggest' of indie games is completely unnoticed by people who are actually IN the game culture (and it's something I see across the board). What does that mean for my little efforts? Yeesh.

For those who do want to learn about what's up in indiedom, I recommend checking out www.gametunnel.com - I'm even a little mini-reviewer on there in the Monthly Roundup, which is a great article, gives quickie reviews of over a dozen games each month, so you get an idea of what's coming out. Indies and retail are so vastly separate, it's just a really weird disconnect. One that's bad for my business, no less!


and PS - http://hamumu.com !! The best indie games ever!!!!!!!!!!
Well, you know, IMHO and all that.
(not my actual opinion, but as a marketing guy, it's my opinion)

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