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February 28, 2005


Saul Bottcher

Probably wishful thinking.

If only gaming had some sort of positive side effects! (*cough*)

I did have a couple Diablo 2 nightmares that were vivid enough that I uninstalled. (Not that the original game was scary, but the nightmares sure as hell were).


I think it's true. I have sometimes consciously taken control of dreams and the process is a bit like playing a game. You are on rails but it feels like you're in control. A trick is to try to visualise your hands while dreaming.

I've also had fps dreams that were pretty exciting.
And some of the graphics are phenomenal.


I've played games my entire life and have only programmed for two years. Yet, most of my video game related dreams have been programming nightmares. Do those count? :|


I've found that the most tiring dreams in my life have come from being sick and playing games all day in that state.

After staying home from school when I was a kid and playing One Must Fall 2097, I dreamt that I was a giant robot, and fought battle after battle. Kind of fun, but not that crazy.

It's when I dream of tetris - FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT - and then wake up even more drained than when I went to sleep, that worries me (Yes, it was lucid, and yes, I managed to get to an extremely high level :) )

Nicholas Abboud

Picking a sample of 3 non-videogamers, I'd guess that they wouldn't be likely to lucid dream either.

I can't say I get any dreams I'd truly call lucid, but puzzle games seem to be the ones that bring me closes. It's Mr. Pants is the current culprit -- it's a decent game and all, but I hope I get that one out of my system soon enough.


I still remember a nightmare from a few years back where I was pursued by characters from Operation Flashpoint, but then the game was pretty damn tense to play, so I'm not surprised! Here's hoping for Operation Flashpoint 2 being as good.


A trick is to try to visualise your hands while dreaming.
Why there's so much Castaneda apologets in games?...
Dreams. Actually that research could fit.
Quick visalised changes, abscense of balanced colour modulation....actually it not only influence the dreams, check gamer after 24 hours of CS storm act.

Rob Stevens


GAMERS can lucid dream, mainly because they aren't quite aware of the mechanics, so they really feel like they're in the dream, so to speak. Developers become desensitized to the game experience to a degree, and I think that's probably what causes the disconnect from lucid dreaming ... you're just not able to let go as easily.

I could be wrong though. Wouldn't be the first time. ;)

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