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November 20, 2004



Hmm the title sounds a bit like 'Wonder Boy', which erm, the game play could said be fairly nasty, after all it encourages you to go through levels at a breakneak pace which makes the game alot harder. Hmm it was quite popular though.


"Now, I'm a pretty weird guy."

You're posting this on the INTERNET. Yeah, the same internet with this guy:


You're not that freakin' weird. You're probably just surrounded by people who are more boring than you. Don't worry, it's usually the case in meatspace.

"I finally decided that I was the only one in the world who would want to read such a book."

Please tell me this wasn't the reason you stopped work on it. Creative self-indulgence makes the world a better place.

Hugh Hancock

Donkey Kong as the Demiurge? Ok, this sounds like a book I *have* to read.


Analyze something hard enough and you can relate it to anything. I think relating playing video games to masochism is fucking ridiculous.

M to the Vizzah

Perhaps not masochism but certainly sadism. Perhaps the person who runs the parlor wants to "harm" others in much the same way that inflicting death is the primary gameplay mechanic of most games.

I have to say the siren/squelch when killing Combine in HL2 is fan-freaking-tastic. /me salivates


Obi Busta Nobi

Philip K. Dick? sigh... suddenly all that comes to mind is, "The Minority Report." Which actually on second viewing of the movie and second playing of the game is not half as bad as the first time viewed and played. Had they gotten better? I also remember reading the short story and really enjoying it. Nostalgia?

"Lucky Wander Boy" sounds intruiging. Might be a good Thanksgiving Day read.

Thoughts of Oprah's book club also creep into mind. Could this post help the author's pocketbook? Consume.


No, it's not nostalgia. The original short story of "The Minority Report" was actually pretty good, with a much better "trick" to it than the movie.


Relating videogames to sadism or masochism probably isn't too hard if you're a sadist. Or a masochist.

I take it that you, Jason, are not. And, if you are, I bet the thought keeps nagging you for some time until an involuntary connection is formed and the wall between your two formerly disparate passions is slowly broken down and their fluids are commingled.

I must pee.

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