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October 13, 2004


Scott Macmillan

Congrats on being published! That's outstanding.

Good grief man, where do you find all the time?! :)


The book is very good. I highly recommend it to anyone reading this blog.

Specific questions? Email me.


Whoa!, It that photo of the author really you?
You look heaps different than what I imagined... which is something alot like a line drawing of a guy with his head in his hand all the time...

Jamie Fristrom

Where do I find the time? I don't watch television. (Although there was a couple months there...we just got one of those digital recording thingies...that I sunk a lot of time into *Frasier* and *Will & Grace* reruns...fortunately I got sick of 'em before I was completely destroyed.)

Thanks Rich!

And yeah, that's me. I don't know where Gama got that clip art for Manager In A Strange Land...maybe I should have an artist go in and shave the guy's head and give him a beard...

John Byrd

Any chance I could purchase an autographed copy?


Jamie Fristrom

Sure - in fact, anybody who's interested, e-mail me and we'll work something out.


If I were to read your book I think the entire time I would be wondering how much of it actually happened to you. :)

Jamie Fristrom

That's just what I want you to wonder.


Much congratulations man. Rest assured as soon as I get some coin, I'll be emailing you about getting one signed.

They say that everyone has that one story in them that they really want to tell. Was this "your story?"


just read it. started on monday, finished on tuesday. a real page turner. congratulations.



First of all congrats on the book!

Jamie, how's dealing with book publishers vs. dealing with game publishers? Is there advance/royalty system pretty good?


Looks pretty good, Jamie! I think I'll also go for an autographed copy.

But a question: why reserve your more artistic sensibilities for the written word?

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