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July 02, 2004



Congratulations to everyone on the team!

My copy should be arriving from gamefly on Monday (hopefully) and if it is as good as all the reviews say, I'll probably end up keeping it. Of course, I rented the PS2 version so I may rent the GC version to see which one I like the controls on better, but whatever.

We ran into similar problems with Camelot where we said "we'll make X optional so if players dont want to do it, they dont have too" Invariably, players never saw it this way and thought they MUST do that one thing that we said they didnt have to do.

Different genre of course, but it does help illustrate the gap between the players interpretation and the designers intent of any given 'optional' portions of gameplay.

So when does preproduction of Spidey 3 start?:)


>>So when does preproduction of Spidey 3 start?:)

Hey, my thoughts exactly! But yeah, kudos on the good reviews and great game, man. (And to any others of the team who read this.)

So, when are we going to find out these other projects you cats are working on?

Patrick Sullivan

Damn you, I was planning on waiting to get any new games for the immediate future until I finish more of the ones I own... but everyone I've talked to is absolutly RAVING about how awesome this game is...

*goes digging through the cushions*


You got a review on blogs.msdn.com!

benjamin graner

I'm really happy the game is getting good reviews. It seems like most people on forums really like the game and are excited to swing around New York as Spidey.

I'm really glad someone who seems to have as much insight into what made the classics great is able to translate that into a great game.

Zachary Slater

S-M:2 (ps2) is too expensive right now :(


I'd been reading your blog a lot back in the winter, but hadn't visited for some time when I heard friends talking about Spider Man 2 and how great it looks. Remembering your blog, I was intrigued. I've only been able to spend an hour or so with the game so far, but the swinging is brilliant -- I've been waiting for something like this in a game for years. I'm going to show it to my friend who's moving to NYC to help him with apartment shopping. It's nice to see your work pay off, and I'll definitely be catching up on the posts I missed. Would love to hear as much as possible about the development of this game.

Robert 'Groby' Blum


I hope you all get a well deserved rest now, before you go on to the next big thing. Reading the reviews, I'm salivating to buy it - but my consoles are still in moving storage :(


Congratulations on a great game. I love the swinging physics. You can really tell a lot of work win in to that aspect of the game. My only complaint has been addressed already, and that is with the side missions. Overall a great game.

I would love to get a job as a tester in the industry!

Markus Friedl

thanksverymuch, Jamie... another (apparently) awesome game and no time to play... I blame you guys for that one now ... ;)


Next time make a PC version too instead of having some chumps do it.

m to the vizzah

PC stuff isn't up to us, that's ATVI's call. Of course we're not happy with it, but that's life.

Zakk, you should be happy it isn't $60. The industry is eagerly awaiting for that new price point to debut (ie, whenever EA starts doing it).


Silent Wolf

Hello, First time i'v seen your blog, but i read most of yor posts. First off I absoultely love what you and the folks at treyarch have done with spiderman 2 the game. The gameplay is astounding and riviting from the get-go. With most games, after I beat the storyline I am rarely encouraged to collect the extras (gta3 anyone?) but I find myself swining around the city almost compusivley trying to find the various tokens hidden throughout the city. The game is a sheer joy to play AND watch as my wife can attest! Thanks again for such a truely fun and enjoyable game.

Zachary Slater

I suppose if the price were $60 I would still have to wait for it to drop to $something_I_can_afford. Though I suppose it might take longer to hit that price.

carl huber

If only wiser minds had had some say on the PC version. The PC is my platform of choice, and I will often wait for the PC version of a game to come out (GTA VC, Full Spectrum Warrior, etc). I might buy a console version, but typically that's for my kids. So while I occasionally have two versions of a game, like Freedom Fighters, for example, it's not the norm. To have the version I would buy not only be completely different to the console but botched up as well hurts. Still, I'm eagerly looking forward to playing Spiderman 2 (on a console). Congrats on a job well done!

Jurie Horneman

Congratulations :) Any comment on that Kirsten Dunst story?

Markus Friedl

wow... sales-wise really doing well so far... congrats!



One of the things that I love about this game are the challenges. If anyone who has taken the time to complete some of them, he/she will know that those are well-designed courses. How much time did you guys put into those?? It seems like as if most of the courses were planned out (in terms of what to use) in great details...

But you know, with most of the 'newer' gamers. They're only motivated by unlockables and secrets, instead of actually 'enjoying' the game. I'm sure that you guys did plan on leaving unlockables for the collecting coins and challenges. Whatever happened, we know you did your best you could.

For the next game, I would be glad if you guys can leave those in... With different courses, of course. ^^

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